The Good Brand supplies ecological cleaning pods. Our range includes cleaning concentrates for glass, floors, bathroom, kitchen and all-purpose cleaner.

Our cleaning products make a huge profit in terms of plastic consumption. The bottles are made from recycled plastic and will last for years, so no more single-use plastic with The Good Brand. If you already have a spray bottle in your home, you can of course use it too, as our pods are sold separately.

The pods are made of PVA and are fully soluble in water. The concentrates are palm oil free, phosphate free and vegan certified. We are in the process of certifying our pods with the EU Ecolabel. We expect to complete this in 2022.

‘Normal’ cleaning products often consist of more than 80% water. All that has to be transported while it comes out of your tap. You can do better than that! Put a pod in the bottle, add 500 ml of water, shake it and clean!

The boxes for our pods are also environmentally friendly. They are made of paperwise which has 47% less environmental impact than normal paper and is 29% better than recycled paper.

Refillable bottle

(made from recycled plastic)

Water from the tap